ProDreamUSA specialises in US College Golf placements.
We exist to place our clients at a suitable US college or university whilst striving to secure scholarship funding to cover as many of the costs as possible. 

A scholarship is a financial award that will help to cover the cost of attending a US College.
Golf scholarships are awarded, based on merit, to golfers who will go on to represent the US College in intercollegiate competition. There are 2 types of golf scholarship that can be awarded:

Full Scholarships

A full scholarship will cover all the major costs of attending a US College, including tuition fees, accommodation, meals, books & study aids and all the costs associated to being part of the golf team.

Partial Scholarship

A partial scholarship will cover part of the costs of attending a US College. For example, if the total cost of everything included in a full scholarship was $30,000 for the year and the College offered a 50% scholarship, that would mean the College would pay $15,000 towards your costs, leaving you to fund the other $15,000.

Coach giving advice
  • Only a US College Coach or Athletic Director can offer a scholarship to any player or Prospective Student Athlete (PSA)
  • A Golf Scholarship is an annual commitment by the university and will be renewed at the same level or higher for the following year unless there has been a serious disciplinary breach or a Student Athlete has failed their classes, deeming them ineligible to compete
  • A student athlete can also be awarded further financial awards, such as an academic scholarship, to top up their Golf Scholarship, if they have achieved excellence in the classroom at High School or in the SAT exam.
  • Golfers who perform well will sometimes benefit from having their Golf Scholarships increased year on year
  • The size of Golf Scholarship cannot be reduced based on performance.

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