• by Brendan McKenna
    January 2018

    New Managing Director

    Brendan McKenna
    ProDreamUSA can confirm that Brendan McKenna is the new Managing Director.

    Lorne Kelly said:

    "I am delighted to announce Brendan’s appointment as ProDreamUSA Managing Director and I’m hugely excited by some of his plans to move the business forward.

    My role in the company will change, allowing me to focus predominantly on working with our huge network of coaches in the USA and ensuring our clients are placed at the best possible US College.

    Brendan is a golfer himself who went through the scholarship process some 15 years ago. He was awarded a scholarship to NCAA D2 Clayton State University, and whilst by his own admission was never quite good enough to consider turning professional, the experience he had in the US helped shape his future in business."

  • by Brendan McKenna
    January 2018

    New Partnership with Wilson Staff

    Wilson Staff
    ProDreamUSA have signed a Partnership with Wilson Staff. Wilson Staff will provide new ProDreamUSA clients with branded ‘college style’ bags and apparel, and will continue to support players as they develop in the game.

    ProDreamUSA Managing Director Brendan McKenna said:

    “Wilson Staff are one of the foremost brands in all of sports, let alone golf. I was impressed with the level of support that they offered some of our recent clients, as they strive to turn professional, and so we thought it would make sense to give all of our clients the opportunity to benefit from their support. Wilson have a terrific range of clubs, particularly their irons and wedges, and I would encourage all of our clients to have a look at them.”
  • by Brendan McKenna
    December 2017

    ProDreamUSA attend 2017 GCAA Convention

    Lorne in Vegas at GCAA
    For the 9th successive year, ProDreamUSA were invited to attend the GCAA annual convention in Las Vegas.

    Lorne Kelly and Karl Salmoni attended, along with more than 450 US College golf coaches, where speakers included Dr Bob Rotella and Dottie Pepper.

    ProDreamUSA remain the only golf scholarship consultancy who are endorsed and recommended by the GCAA and we are extremely proud that they continue to recognise the service we offer clients and coaches alike.

  • by Brendan McKenna
    September 2017

    ProDreamUSA send record 96 golfers to the USA in 2017

    ProDreamUSA had their busiest placement year yet, with 96 golfers committing to US College golf teams this fall.

    Lorne Kelly said:

    “I’m very proud of the team here that we were able to place such a fantastic number of kids in the USA this year. Little do they know, they are about to have the best 4 years of their lives and of course we wish them every success!”

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